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This is our new original song by Carl Giammarese and Lisa McClowry. "I Will Love You Forever" is now available on Spotify or one of your favorite music streaming platforms
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New from Carl GiammareseLiving in the Moment - The Genesis

This album “Living In The Moment” is, in so many ways, introspective. The lyrics represent so many feelings I’ve experienced through the years. Musically, it represents a lot of what I’ve learned through many years of making music.

For me there is no greater gift than writing and recording a song.  It’s exhilarating—the feeling you get when a song comes to life and you are able to share an experience, whether it is happy or sad.

There’s nothing like having someone tell you what your song or your recording meant to them after they’ve heard it. The title track, “Living In The Moment,” was actually the last song I wrote for the album.  We’re all capable of spending too much time thinking about the past and all the people and things we miss.

At this point in my life it’s easy to do. When I find myself worrying about the future, because time rushes so quickly, I’ve come to realize that what was happening was I wasn’t enjoying the present. I promised to refocus on “Living In The Moment.”

A great friend and bandmate was John Poulos; he left us much too soon, and his daily memory inspired me to write “I’ll Remember You.”You Make Me A Better Me” I dedicate to my wife Barbara. I try to live up to what she deserves, but sometimes I fail. She loves me through it all.
What A Time We Had”—The lyrics open: “What a time we had together, we were brothers in every way; we knew it wouldn’t last forever. It doesn’t matter; it’s okay.” That’s The Buckinghams in the 60’s, when we were riding high until the end of 1969, when it all ended. As the song says, “We can’t be sorry.” Each of you makes it possible for me to still be here, doing what I love—today.

There’s so much of myself I put into this album and I am so happy to share it with you here. As the song says, “Hold On To Your Dreams”—this is my greatest wish for you, always.

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